Post-Tensioning Services

For buildings and civil engineering projects


Strong Force-MGC is a specialist in providing structural solutions for buildings and civil engineering projects.
Post-Tensioning is one of several ways in which the customers' basic needs are met.

Post-Tensioning of concrete structures is a cost and time effective solution for most medium to large span building structures. Although it has been used successfully in Europe, Asia and Australia over the past 50 years, in some regions the technology can be considered new.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, we have had to add innovation and enhancement of our technology. Our specialisation can be best described as follows:

Post-Tensioning Technology and Design

Our core business is Post-Tensioning Systems utilised in commercial buildings and civil engineering projects. The proficiency of design is the key element in achieving optimum benefit. Economy in building begins with developing the right structural building system at the conceptual stage.

Our in-house engineering team often work hand-in-hand with project consultants, ensuring the most cost-effective consideration in favour of both the client and the architect's vision.

Strong Force-MGC-S and Strong Force-MGC-M are the proprietary Post-Tensioning and Pre-Stressing Systems used.

SF-MGC Slab System
(SF-MGC-S) Product Guide

Strong Force-MGC-S is designed for maximum efficiency in thin concrete sections such as floor slabs. Post-Tensioned slabs can be much thinner than conventional reinforced concrete. Accordingly, spans can be much greater in length for any given thickness. A Post-Tensioning System consists completely of manufacturing, installing, stressing and permanently harnessing the Pre-Stressed force within a structure.

A Post-Tensioning System is not complete without the knowledge and expertise to design, install and service the system.



SF-MGC Multistrand
Live End Anchorages

All anchorages are designed to the same principles, varying only in size and number of strands. Live End anchorages facilitate the introduction of a Post-Tensioning force in the tendon with the tensioning operations carried out by hydraulic jacks.

  • SF-MGC Live End Anchorages

    The Live End anchorages have been designed to comply with the most demanding of international standards such as PTI, BS, etc. Each basic anchorage consists of a cast trumpet anchor plate and wedges. All the elements of the anchorages and corresponding dimensions have been carefully selected in order to achieve the greatest economy in design.

  • Live End Anchorages



Ground Anchoring
SF-MGC Anchor System


Strong Force-MGC Anchor System provides a complete range of ground anchors up to 15,000kN capacity which have been used with great success on ground conditions as diverse as:

  •   Fragmented Sandstone
  • Compacted Sands
  • Stiff Clays
  • Marine Mud
  • Fractured Shale

Ground Anchoring are temporary or permanent tie-backs for retaining walls in either basement construction or slopes.

SF-MGC Micro-piling


These are mini piles with a load capacity between 50 to 150 tonnes used mainly in limestone ground conditions.

Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting

We offer a total service from start to finish for a wide range of applications. Areas of expertise of Strong Force-MGC include the following:

  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Underpinning structures
  • Replacing bridge bearings

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