The Benefits

Post Tensioning Systems

Post-Tensioning in Buildings

The use of Post-Tensioning in buildings offers numerous advantages and is increasingly used worldwide. Strong Force-MGC uses the Bonded Post-Tensioning System which is the most commonly used PT System.


  • Provides longer spans, which reduces structural floor depths, resulting in larger column-free areas
  • Thinner concrete sections
  • Stiffer walls to resist lateral loads
  • Stiffer foundations to resist the effects of shrinking and swelling soils
  • Simpler stripping of formwork
  • Fast construction cycles are envisaged
  • Positive deflection control
  • Improved constructability
  • More architectural freedom
  • Flexibility in subdivision of commercial and office floors
  • Less material handling on site and storage
  • Less labour on site
  • Less environmental impact as reduced concrete and steel volumes are required

Post-Tensioning vs. Reinforced Concrete

Simple, Economical, Efficient, Fast Track Construction

Less labor & site congestion

Cost saving, less material handling, reduce of labor & site congestion.

YTL Residence

Larger column free spaces achieved with thinner slabs and less concrete volume.

Flat Slabs

Flat Slabs (no beams required) result in more free height and height saving.

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